Redesign Streets.

The Dutch Way.

A tool that inspires you by sharing amazing Dutch street designs.


Our approach


Design easy-to-use digital tools by making use of open data sources to facilitate the labour of city makers.


An app that finds Dutch streets that match the place you want to re-design, so you can relax.


We have used Open Streets Maps and Basisregistratie Grootschalige Topografie data to enrich our repository with other street features so it's easier for you to make a selection!

The tool

We keep it simple!

Want to redesign a street in your city? Just set the width in the tool and check the features you're interested in: is it a shopping street or a residential one? Should there be trees? What about bike lanes?

We'll take it from here. We search all around the Netherlands streets that fit your request.

If you press on a street's picture, we'll take you to Google Street View to explore more.

Watch the video below:


Who are we?

We are a team of enthusiasts and hands-on people, passionate about human scale cities, technology and open data.

Thanks to Ioannis Triantafyllidis, a former intern at Humankind, who contributed to the project. 

Lior Steinberg

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Co-Founder and Urban Planner at Humankind

Ruben van der Valk

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Founder and Software Developer at van der Valk Geo-IT


Julia Ubeda

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Urban Researcher at TU Delft and Founder of SpaceTraces

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